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A general idea of the reason for,
and meaning of, our existence.

...that prior to some 12,000 years ago, mankind was advanced in science and technological development. That this had been the case for a great (a very great) period of time. That prior to the said 12,000 years ago, mankind (in one area of the world) 'fell' from a high spiritual state and failed to make the moral judgments necessary for the continuation of that 'civilisation'. The most knowledgeable went to places such as Egypt.
Therefore, we know that mankind did not directly go from being animals in caves to crawling out and simultaneously inventing the Egyptian, Sumerian, Indus Valley, and Chinese cultures. Yet we are educated to believe that was the case. And made to think it's not worth questioning.

Particularly since that time (12,000 years ago), man has had to re-find himself: to re-ignite his spirituality. That over those 12,000 years, at various times, a spiritual leader has come to lead a portion of the world's people in their further spiritual development. Man has witnessed the appearance of Abraham, Moses, Krishna, the Buddha, Jesus and Muhammed. And many other gifted souls.
Consider... that man is close now to understanding his true spiritual self. To realise, at last, that we are all one.


A meditation: The quality of our thoughts determines what we perceive and experience.
A few moments of reflection on that statement should, I hope, help to construct a positive framework for how we go about our daily life.
Do we really want to be told what to do by politicians and others who - for some reason - believe they have the right to tell the population their priorities, all based on the the mythical idea that we can improve our quality of life according to how much money is spent by the government on this or that? Is money-making the reason for what 'it' is all about?
We call ourselves a Christian country, but do we really have the faintest idea of what Christianity (as taught by Jesus) is really all about? Perhaps we do have the possibility of a way of life towards true happiness, not the fleeting kind.
A scientist with a spiritual inclination (Courtney Brown) has a very interesting perspective on Jesus and the Crucifixion. Please link here to view an absorbing video on his ideas and on how his ideas were achieved. And, when done, link to the other links on his menu bar.
BUT NOTE: The spiritual thoughts Brown expresses are not just confined to his perception of Jesus and his Message. The intrinsic idea presented in the meditation given as the heading to this piece is fundamental to all the thinking of all the great religions. It is a central theme of the Vedas.
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