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Last updated: July 9, 2023

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If you want to receive the pure message you have to balance your heart and mind. The mind is the male aspect. We all have male and female aspects. The mind is a ruthless computer with no compassion, it just decides and criticises and puts everything in files. Men, the male part. This is the female, the heart. Mercy, compassion, Love, where the spirituality is carried. ... [I]f you balance the heart and mind together so that you have the amount of compassion and mercy and Love with the amazing thing that He has given us to understand, learn and evolve then He can work through you. Leonardo Da Vinci, I assure you, had a complete perfect balance of heart and mind because his creations were divine. Chopin. You can name all the great but it's also the little beggar on the street who's playing his little drum and he's got it down great and he sounds fabulous because he's tuned in to his higher nature,
which can only be reached if you balance your heart and mind.
Then His grace will fill you with perfection ~ Isaac Tigrett.

About practical philosophy.
Einstein said of himself: "I try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value".
So, the real ISIS stands for
Integrity, Spirituality, Ideals and Sustainability.
These are the only real concerns
of the World ...and Humanity.

We have various human and environmental conflicts at a critical stage.
Forecasts suggest that we have not seen the last of the “anomalous” rains, droughts, temperature extremes and bizarre weather patterns connected to such a reversal. We have probably not seen the last of the kind of storms that can wipe an entire city from the face of the earth in a matter of hours.
Surely we need a new world-view to address all these issues.
The world must create a New Spirituality.
Not something to completely replace the old,
but something to refresh it.
Not something to reduce the old,
but something to expand it.
Not something to subvert the old,
but something to support the best of it.
Human spirituality is in need of refreshment.
It is now time to present the world with new theological thoughts and ideas, a new spiritual model. The world - that means us - must have something new to hold on to if it is to release its grip on the old.

If you were in the middle of a raging stream, would you let go of a log?
... Build, therefore, a bridge.
Become that bridge.
Live the beliefs of a New Spirituality. Walk the path of a New Revelation. Do not merely speak of this revelation, but demonstrate the truth of it with your life, lived.
Show the way.
Be a bringer of the light.
Then let's all work as ONE!
ONE people, ONE planet, ONE God!
But *NOT* using only ONE way,
method or religion!