Welcome!! Based in Birmingham, UK, I can provide you with ALL the valuable help you need
with your U.K. family history search requirements.

I have 20 years' research experience at many significant research centres, including the National Archives,
British Library, Society of Genealogists (London), Birmingham Central Library and Devon Records Office.
I am also expert in research on the internet.
I have gone back as much as 800 years in my research.
Here is one recent testimonial from Mr. L., a client based in the USA. The research was limited by circusmstances that prevented taking his genealogy beyond 1700. His kind statement was provided in 2019:

    I am very impressed, and I like the genealogical style you put in the documents ...I'm very pleased with your work, it seems like I've essentially got as far back as what is reasonably considered possible given the availability of records. To me that's quite impressive so I wanted to thank you once again!
Here is another testimonial from Mrs. S., a client based in the USA. Her kind statement was provided in 2010:
    I've worked with John twice on my family research and have been extremely impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Ten years ago, a colleague suggested I contact John as I was researching my family in England. At that time he was living in London and had knowledge of and access to the multitude of genealogical records there. Since my family was from Birmingham and Burslem, it was necessary to search parish records in those areas as well. John was able to arrange for another researcher to complete the parish searches and successfully move my family history back to the 1600's.
    This year I again contacted John to assist me in bringing my family "forward" from 1850 to the current generation. Because of John's experience and expert knowledge of genealogical records in the UK, I was able to meet one of my British cousins when I visited London this fall.
    One important aspect of working with John was that he provided a weekly update of his progress and asked for my guidance prior to moving in a direction which would add to my expenses. He requested my input for "directions" I wanted him to search when there were options, and was very honest in whether or not he felt a particular direction in our search would provide the information we wanted.
    It was a pleasure to work with John and I look forward to researching other branches of my family with him in the future.
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