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The first computer I programmed is shown on the left!
This was in the days of my first computer job with IBM in 1966, at Birmingham. However, before training as a computer programmer on this particular machine, I gained experience as an operator on a 2nd generation IBM 1401. This was years before on-line processing became the 'norm' and commercial work then was processed only in batches; as 'jobs'. During this time, my work was shift-based, and all big computer 'jobs' were left for the night-shift. So, on the night-shift, all that was needed was to load and start one of these 'jobs', and then go off into the city to enjoy some cafe night-life, knowing full well that the job would be going for 2 or 3 hours! In those days, computers were that slow, and were not able to multi-task (have multiple programs running at one time). That capability did not arrive until about 1969.
Devon inventors built the fore-runners to to-day's computers over 150 years ago!! Click here for more!
Click here for the story of how data was once input via the punched card.


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My Lerwill Family History
Devon History Selection
My Ancestor and Wellington

Aston Villa F.C. History
Birmingham History
Four Inspirational Brits

How It Began
Francis Bacon
Sai Baba
Islamic History
In Oppenheimer's expansive book, Eden In The East, there is a hint that there was some great, now lost, ancient empire that left traces around the Pacific.

In line with Churchward and others, I point to the lost continent of Mu (Lemuria) as being that ancient source and that Mu (Lemuria) was the origin of the concept of "One-ness" or Unity in Diversity. Their teachings and practice became the basis of the religions of India ... and the world!
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The Continent of Mu
India has been proven to have perhaps the most demonstrabable ancient history which far surpasses conventional academic notions of history.
Dr. Raj Vedam leads us on a great journey describing some of the most astonishing truths of that sub-continent. Please see a selection of his video presentations: Click here.
Please also see my page on India.
"Every small answer illuminates the path to bigger answers. Seekers can get answers by several mediums - rational & logical inquiry, intuition & resonances from unseen & unknown channels. Rationality and logic help in reassurance that the answers are in conformance with our understanding of the cosmos, but is not limiting in any way to experience greater truths, if such should be encountered. The journey's richness is in understanding and making sense of it all." - Dr. Raj Vedam
Búlandstindur, Iceland - God's Rock

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Is this a naturally formed mountain? Was it once part of Atlantis...? Is it Mount Atlan?
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