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"If it's experience, reliability and concern about your needs that matters, then
I'm your man!"
John Lerwill ... Family and Local Researcher/Historian, genealogist, author, documenter, proofreader.
Very proficient in genealogy and local history, with in-depth knowledge of Devon and Birmingham history
and Aston Villa history.
Also aviation, automative, political
and religious history.

Former computer
applications project leader,
designer, developer, technical author.

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Family & Local Historian For Hire!

John has spent decades tracing his own family history and has taken on commissions for others. His experience includes a considerable amount of original research at the National Archives, the British Library and local places of research at Birmingham, Worcester and Devon.
John is also a published writer (please see his main publications here). His writing has been backed up with intensive primary research at some of the country's leading research centres and libraries, including the British Library, as well as on-line via the Internet.
Whether it's genealogy or any other form of research, you will have the benefit of his fine attention to detail and concern about accuracy. The icing on the cake is his capability of electronically generating a fascinating wall chart of all or part of your family tree! Please see below.
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Before retirement, John spent decades in computing and I.T. as a business systems developer, manager and consultant, and in technical authoring and self-publishing. He worked with large companies including IBM, Chrysler and Heraeus (a major German concern), and also with many small concerns.
He maintains (as you can see) his own website.

As an Aston Villa supporter for more than 60 years he has spent thousands of hours in research at the British Library and at Birmingham, including the Aston Villa archives where he spent three years in its administration.
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How about a family chart imaginatively drawn up based on your own requirements?
The chart would be electronically drawn-up and, therefore, multiple copies can easily be made.
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For example (an A2 wallchart):