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Aston Villa books
by John Lerwill,
former Club Historian
at Aston Villa.
These books are based
on recent & deep original
research with fresh findings.

Part 1 : How It All Began	7

The Origins of Aston Villa	8
The Name 'Aston Villa'	8
How The Football Club Was Born	9
More Achievements	14
Further Background History	19
A Timeline of Main Events	27
A Summary History (1874-1944)	30
The Villa's Early Days	54
In The Beginning	55
Risks and Near Misses	58

Part 2 : About The Club	63

The Management of the Club	64
Overview	64
The Villa People and What They Did	64
Villa's Lead in Football Development	74
Looking Back on 50 Years (1874-1924)	85
Promise, then Disaster (1924-1936)	90
Wanted: The Villa Of Old	99
Hogan The Father Of Modern Football?	107

Part 3 : The Club's Grounds	115

The Story of Perry Barr	116
The Need For A Permanent Home	116
Football Becomes A Serious Affair	124
The Ground's Developments	128
The Visit Of Preston In The Cup	131
Into The League	137
The Story of Villa Park	142
Aston Hall and Park	142
The Lower Grounds and Mr. Quilter	152
The Magnificent Meadow	159
The Aston Lower Grounds Company	162
Aston Villa Takes An Interest	172
The Villa Move Home	178
Villa Park Ground Records	188

Part 4 : Great Matches	191

Ground Breaking Matches	192
Birmingham Cup, 1880	192
FA Cup, 1887	194
FA Cup, 1897	201
FA Cup, 1905	206
Other Very Interesting Matches	210

The Villa Since 1944	219

The Villa Way, 1874-1944

The story of how Aston Villa became a Superclub

From the very words of George Ramsay, Fred Rinder and other early architects and supporters of the great Club, published in newspapers of long ago, this book brings to light the character of those early leaders and the methods they used to keep the Villa ahead of the pack.

The book also provides more light on the person of Jimmy Hogan, a famous coach who came to the Villa in 1936 with the order to get the Villa back on the map! He went on to serve the Villa for a total of 9 years, in two periods spanning 23 years, and left a blueprint for football that the world has since followed.

Moreover, John tells the tale of the Villa's first ground at Perry Barr and, drawing on the research of those that have looked into the origins of the Aston Lower Grounds, conveys the story of how Villa Park emerged from what was once part of Aston Hall's grounds.

Embedded into those accounts he records the main footballing triumphs of the Club in its first (mainly glorious) 70 years' history.

The book is well illustrated, and includes some images not seen for many years.

In fact, John has not only included much new material, but also has managed to condense the essence of his 2-volume Aston Villa Chronicles (1874-1924, and after) into 220 A5 pages.

There's a lot packed into this book that will be of deep interest to avid followers of the Villa's history. John hopes that "The Villa Way 1874~1944" will prove to be a lasting testament to a great football club.

220 black and white glossy pages. A well illustrated A5 softback.
Price 9.90 (including P and P in the UK).

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