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Other Current Publications ...

The Villa Way 1874-1944.
The story about the origins and rise of Aston Villa, mainly in the words of those that led them to the top, using freshly researched material.
Michael of Herne Bay says: "Being a villa fan, I thoroughly enjoyed John Lerwill's latest publication on my club. I have all of John's publications to date, and they take pride of place in my 'Villa Library'".
Further details can be found at this link.
Billesley and Surrounds

A people's story of the conversion of a countryside into housing estates in south Birmingham. Further details can be found at this link.

More publications on Birmingham and Aston Villa to follow.
Planned for 2018/19. Please come back to check on details.
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Old Publications ...

Aston Villa books published
(now out of print)...

Aston Villa In A Nutshell
All the main facts in 86 pages!
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Aston Villa - The First Superclub
The history of Aston Villa, 1874-2012
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The Inspirational William McGregor (co-production with Peter Lupson) The story of the Football League's founder.
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The Aston Villa Chronicles (1874-1924 and after)
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Other publications ...

The Greatest Goal!
A book of inspiration and renewal - not about football!
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A Waterloo Soldier The 40th Foot, 1808-1823
My ancestor faught in the Napoleonic Wars and at Waterloo as a member of the 40th Foot, said to be the best infantry regiment in the British army at the time. I have produced a PDF extract of the official history of the 40th Foot covering the period 1808 to 1823. To see the preliminary pages to this 64-page document, please click here. If you would like a copy of the entire extract for the price of only £3 please simply pay via PayPal by this button:
PayPal will notify me and I will send the PDF to your stated e-mail address.


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The History of the Birmingham Lerwills (published 2012).