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In this age personal ambition is one of the ruling factors, and nearly everybody is trying to outdo someone else. The result is we build up and tear down in the outer world, but as a race we improve but little. The great within is ignored, held back or prevented from free expression, while there are few things in the great without that are really worth while. The human race is breaking itself down striving to gain hold upon phantoms, while the great prize that has already been given is lost sight of in the dust and confusion.

But to inspire the present generation with a desire to return to nature and her beautiful ways cannot be done to any extent, however, except through living examples. It is the living of life that will change the life of the world. The world at large does not listen to reason, nor can those who are in the mad rush stop to think; besides, such minds are not sufficiently clear to understand the principles upon which the living of life is based. Seeing is believing (as far as the world is concerned) and therefore they require living examples of those who have proven the superiority of the better way ; accordingly, those who know how to live as the lilies live should consider it a privilege to place their light wherever it can be seen.

When you can prove through your own life and experience that personal ambition and hard work are not necessary to greater things, but are actual hindrances, and that greater things come of themselves to those who will permit themselves to be themselves, you have caused a great light to spring up, and few there are who will not see it.


In the Philosophy and Wisdom Teaching of all ancient civilizations, human beings and the Universe were seen as being interconnected and inseparable. In contrast, Modern Empirical Science is only a net of observations that permit the development of a smoggy outlook of the reality, a tiny window to the Universe, always incomplete in this vast endless search for the meaning of existence. Modern Empirical Science and Secular Education are blind without spirituality, ancient heritage and the teachings of past and present spiritual teachers. Modern Empirical Science lacks a practical value system.

For the survival of humanity, a spiritual and ecological consciousness entwined with moral and ethical values is needed. There is a great need for putting Wisdom Teaching into practice in every day life in all areas of human thought and action. This is the time in which we have to address the survival of humanity. Wisdom Teaching needs to integrate into world educational networks to connect universal human values and spirituality into the various moral and cultural codes of world societies.


Environmentalists are aware of the present ecological state of the Earth. As an example of action to protection the environment and humanity, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment was prepared by 1300 scientists from 95 countries during 2000 and 2005. It declared that humans have changed the world more rapidly over the last 50 years than in any other time in history. However, billions of people remain in poverty and the destruction of the natural environment and the substantial increase in warfare formed a serious barrier to the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals.by 2015. The targets - though positive - were not realistic as the basis for their success was not present.


The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment is a joint project of UN and international scientific agencies and NGOs. It is the largest ever scientific assessment of the impact that changes to ecosystems will have on human well-being. UN agencies involved include the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the Global Environment Facility, the Ramsar Convention, UNDP, UNESCO, UNEP, WHO and the World Bank. Scientific bodies include the International Council for Science and IUCN. The principal NGO involved is the World Resources Institute.


The Millennium Development Goals are an internationally agreed set of goals and targets mainly for 2015 to guide international development. The main tasks before humans are to:

·         Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

·         Achieve universal primary education

·         Promote gender equality and empower women

·         Reduce child mortality

·         Improve maternal health

·         Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases 

·         Develop a global partnership for development

·         Ensure environmental sustainability

·         Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programs

·         Reverse the loss of environmental resources.

·         By scientific approach, integration constitutes ecosystem services for all the benefits that ecosystems provide for humanity. They include a stable climate, fresh air, clean water, fertile soils, pollination of crops, food and materials, waste clean-up and nutrient recycling, etc.

Information from different articles by Friends of the Earth, 26-28 Underwood St. LONDON N1  7JQ.

A Holistic Way Forward...


Stop, and think a little. These formal declarations were written in many newspapers and books. A lot of paper was been needed for printing... many trees left their existence for this paper. No words, no declarations, no laws can lead to ecological safety and sustainability until they are connected with the spiritual base, which is universal human values. Ecological consciousness will begin from man’s mind, from man's inner values and moral principles, and not from outer directions. These human values are one of the expressions of Order and Harmony in the Universe.
In parallel with the Modern Holistic Science today (which is seeking to create the connection with the Wisdom Teaching), there is mostly the Empirical Science in action. It has been created through a syncretism of positive and negative forces, resulting in a world of technological development, but personal devastation and environmental pollution.
For years, people in the West have been experiencing the emptiness of a materialistic, consumer-focused, high-stressed lifestyle, and the so-called “developing countries” are beginning to experience the same condition. They are finding that a rich and fulfilling life has seldom directly related to material wealth and power. More and more people will began to deny the current trends toward environmental degradation, lack of respect for fundamental human rights, an increasing gap between rich and poor, etc. More and more interest arises in people for deeper meaning in their lives and work, for greater peace of mind, and for more caring relationships with other human beings.
Universal Human Values – fused into ecological consciousness in all areas of knowledge – will develop a new way to enable the transform the human mind in the direction of ecological, spiritual, and spiritual-scientific consciousness. This has to be a key-aspect of spiritual-scientific-ecological development and purposeful life.


The Earth is constantly receiving the energy from the Sun. The Earth radiates a certain quantity of energy back. Therefore, the cosmic energy balance exists for the whole Earth and for all the creatures living on it. Similarly, the energy balance of human beings provides the stability for all their systems. In fact, the whole Universe is in a state of dynamic energy balance. A human being – as all objects in the Universe – consists of atoms and molecules, which are always in motion. Through vibrations of atoms and molecules they are connected with all the Universe, which is also in the condition of ceaseless motion (vibration).

According to several researchers, the Earth's informational field contains all the data of our planet and of its inhabitants. This field is supposed to ensure the informational exchange between the Earth and every person living on it. Modern Holistic Science has shown a quantum informational interrelation between matter, life, and consciousness that leads to a new holographic model of human-universe interaction. To achieve harmony in this inter-action, there needs to be wisdom expressed through the human values of harmony, order, discipline, empathy, compassion and tolerance between people.
Einstein's work on relativity provided a starting point for intuitive physicists such as Wheeler, Feynman, Josephson and others. The new physics has given rise to a new cosmology of which Fred Hoyle in his book "The Intelligent Universe" suggests only a living and intelligent (superluminal) God could have created the Universe where life exists. Physicist Alain Aspect proved (at the University of Paris in 1982) that the reality of faster-than-light action at a distance exists in an experiment on the quantum connection between pairs of photons. Delayed choice experiments (by Carol Alley of the University of Maryland) and gamma photon-proton scattering experiments (by Charles Bennett of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory) showed that future causes do create past effects. In recent years these experiments were replenished. 


The Quantum-Informational physics of David Bohm, the holographic Physics of Denis Gabor, the holonomic neurosciences developed by Karl Pribram, the self-organizing thermodynamics of dissipative structures developed by Ilya Prigogine, the Transpersonal Psychology of Stanislav and Kristina Grof, and the morfic fields of Ruppert Sheldrake are the main new branches of modern science that create an interrelated holistic and spiritual vision of reality. By these perspectives, humans are seen to be parts of a quantum-informational holographic consciousness (Cosmic Consciousness or Atma) that permeates the Universe and all existence.
When Karl Pribram's holographic model of the brain entwines with Bohm's theory then what appears is the following. The concreteness of the world that humans perceive is but a secondary reality and what is "there" is actually a holographic blur of frequencies, and if the brain is also a hologram and only selects some of the frequencies out of this blur and mathematically transforms them into sensory perceptions, what becomes of objective reality? So by the Modern Holistic Science, the material world in essence has transformed into Maya, an illusion, as the Vedas declared. Humans are as 'receivers' floating through a kaleidoscopic sea of frequency. Applied human values pictorially create an order and harmony for 'receivers', and help to reveal the 'receivers' true reality, their Atmic Self. This new scientific picture of reality, the synthesis of Bohm and Pribram's views, has been called the Holographic Paradigm, and although many scientists have greeted it with scepticism, it has galvanized others. A small but growing group of researchers believes it may be the most accurate model of reality.

The Universal Cosmic Consciousness (or God or Macrocosm), expands through the experience of the individuals, the Microcosm, which includes all human beings. As an integral aspect of God, humanity collectively evolves on both individual and Universal levels. The Cosmic Consciousness ever seeks to express, to expand and to fulfil. By ancient wisdom, this process is known as the Tao.

As the electrons from man's brain are connected with the subatomic particles of the Universe into the Great Atmic Oneness, so human values are the inseparable qualities reflecting through man's mind to the same Great Oneness as a result of human actions and activities. Everything interpenetrates everything, including time and space, as a seamless web. This web exists in the condition of the Divine Order and Harmony what is pictorially a state of development through the Chaos of Creation. Development of man's consciousness moves toward revealing the universal values of human existence. These values are the essential parts of Cosmic Harmony and Order, which are the potential in every human being.


Quantum physics states that everything – even at the minutest level – is actually pure energy that is conscious. The physical laws of the Universe are actually governed by the mental laws of consciousness. The physical is ruled by the spiritual. Matter and energy have to come from somewhere. Information too has to come from somewhere. Information can only come from man's mind. What humans see and feel is the reflection within their minds. None knows what is beyond the mind. All life is a reflection of state of mind.
Informational flow forms a physical structure of neural nets in the brain, which is the basis of consciousness. People come across the phenomenon of intellectual, ethical, and spiritual progress of a human being. The information accumulated by humanity transfers from one generation to the other. The human brain is the biggest mystery. Consciousness is a state of wakefulness and awareness, but also more, in that it also includes our sense of Self, a feeling of embodiment and of having a sense of a personal history. Brain researchers have sought regions of the brain that correspond to consciousness, but with no significant progress. However, even if they can identify the regions, or types of brain activity, that differ between conscious and subconscious states, the essence of the problem remains. Humanity is not a separate but a single Cosmic Organism (with infinite varieties). This correspond to the famous ancient Universal Atmic statement:  "Unity in Diversity."

Human's morality is 'formed' from abstract principles, from our inner values, which are our inner Set (by Dimitri Uznadze) and are absolutely important for us. These inner values are equal for all humanity, as the base of development, as the rules of collaboration with the other humans and the main Principle of Harmony inside human society and in the natural environment. The universal rule transcends the world's cultures and religions: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".


However, often people ignore these inner values and often make snap moral judgments. Emotions nudge an organism towards rapid decisions based on millions of years of evolution. By modern neuroscience, imaging human brains has shown that moral dilemmas activate a wide variety of brain areas. (Some of them are present in all mammals and closely tied to their emotions). Man's morality is on a continuum with animal sociality*.

*These tendencies are widespread in primates also. For example, after one chimpanzee has attacked another, a bystander will go over to embrace the victim. The tendency to reassure others is so strong that Nadia Ladygina-Kohts, a Russian scientist who raised a juvenile chimp a century ago, said that if her charge escaped to the roof of her house, holding out food would not make him come down. The only way was to sit and sob as if she were in pain, whereupon the young ape would rush down to put an arm around her, a worried expression on his face. So the empathic tendency beats the desire for a banana.


Reciprocity had been seen in experiments on captive chimpanzees when an individual was given food to divide amongst others. Before doing so, we can measure spontaneous grooming: who grooms whom for how long. Researchers found that if one chimpanzee had groomed another, this greatly improved his chances of getting a share of the food from the groomed. Chimpanzees remember who has groomed them, and return the favour later (from issue 2573 of New Scientist magazine, 14 October 2006, page 60-61).
Not only awareness, but experience of man's hidden spiritual potencies, lead humanity to the Golden Age of what is within every human being who has reached their Real Self and their Atmic Destination. Such persons have peace in mind and reflect this to other human beings as reflection from Omnipresent Divine illumination without any words. It acts in silence and attracts more and more persons. Today, the world needs His Divine illumination as never before.  


Many aspects of Modern Holistic Science are in accord with the coexistence of Nature, Vedic outlook and the spiritual wisdom of the past. Thoughts and mental activity carry the same Divine spring as the source of everything that exists in the Universe and in the human Self. Mostly this Divine spring sleeps deeply and man’s activity will become opposite to the destination of their own Atmic source i.e. the Divine Spark. In spite of that, in the deep level of man’s mind there is an inner need to awake it in purpose to live in harmony with  Almighty Nature and human society.


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The original paper was not written by me (John Lerwill). Unfortunately I have lost the writer's name. However, I share the thoughts expressed here.