Links About Unity & Man's Future

Neale Donald Walsch had published his Conversations with God series of books. Click here for the CwG site

James Redfield and the Celestine Prophecies and other works. Click here for the Celestine site

Peter Russell has a highly illuminating site about spiritual issues. Yet Peter was a colleague of the famed physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking and has had a long career in business! A fascinating assimilation of ideas and free access to his book From Science to God. Click here for his page.

Sathya Sai Baba has said (amongst other things!): "Only when we are able to develop the feeling that we are all the children of God, that we are all one brotherhood and that none really is apart and alien to us, the flower of forebearance will blossom in our heart." Click here for the Sathya Sai organization's official page. However, there are a number who seem to find delight in finding criticism of both him and the organisation that has unfolded around him. Some of these "criticisms" have been extreme. Details of the criticisms, and answers to them, can be found at this site.

Walter Starcke has been a leading American writer since the 1970s, when he wrote the excellent Gospel of Relativity. Click here for his page.

Gary Beckwith explores the common bonds between the world's religions. Click here for his page (and obtain his excellent book).

Wally Kuskoff (a Russian, born in China, migrated to Australia, lives in Finland...!) also explores spirituality in depth. Click here for his page.

Jonathan Cainer is a leading British astrologer whose site gives mystical insight into this topic and a plethora of related issues written by him and esteemed colleagues. Click here for his page.

I have put together some material that I have entitled 'The Perennial Philosophy'. Please take a look.