Religion without Philosophy is superstition; Philosophy without Religion is atheism. Ralph W. Emerson.

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Unity in Diversity Series
Unity in Diversity Series
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The world is in turmoil, and much of it is not only due to religious intolerance and misunderstanding, but also a lack of understanding of how the environment and other scientific matters need spiritualising. This book suggests that in their essence, all religions are connected. If so, surely the common ground can be used to create harmony - probably in a different political setting. This is a view from an ordinary believer and experientialist in 'All is One'.

That this book has been manifested is attributable to a singular truth that was recently conveyed to me from an Indian astrologer. Without no way of knowing, he had picked up on the fact that I had had a heart failure in 2002 whilst away on a working contract. According to him, if it had instead happened at home then this physical life would have ended – this book would not have been started. Thanks be to God that I have been given the opportunity to complete this humble work.

A Life's Journey

© 2004, 2005 by John Lerwill
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visitors to date.

To Anasuya, whose companionship and cheerfulness through
almost perpetual ailments has influenced me greatly.
Also to the memory of my mother (a gentlewoman),
and to Anasuya’s father (a healer), who were both born in August,
the month of the completion of the first major draft of this book.



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The Legacy of Abu al-Qasim Muhammad

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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The Unity in Diversity series

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