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That you are reading this is, I assume, because you are interested in mankind's future! The big question is "Just what kind of world do we want to leave for our children?". I'd hope that the world will demonstrate more love, for starters.

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said:

I (for one) am inclined to agree with the great man - one of many erudite statements he made. In this quotation of his, he cleverly points out that blind servitude to one's religion is likely to lead to darkness - the reverse of the ability to "see the light" that should come with the practise of wisdom.

And so it is in to-day's world that we see the affects of lack of concern for our fellow man and the environment and also religious extremism in the form of suicide attacks and the killing of many innocents.

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But it is not extremist Islam that has been the sole party practising such malevolence. Formal Christianity itself has been guilty of some horrible excesses in its time; even in the Second World War it is thought that the Vatican knew much about what was going on in the German extermination camps, but seemed to not even raise a finger to intercede.

Our first thoughts - of course - are to condemn the perpetrators and cry, "Foul!". But - perhaps with difficulty - we should also consider that all manner of thoughts may arise in the head of the would-be-martyr resulting from injustice he perceives. Indeed, there have been - and remain - many injustices, notably (but not only) that of the Palestinians' loss of their land.

Mahatma Gandhi fought a long - but peaceful - 'war' against injustices that he himself experienced. But many was the time when he went on a 'hunger-strike' in demonstration against his own supporters when they became beligerent towards other religions or their aggressors.

It was Gandhiji who observed there are seven social sins that create blockages to establishing real justice:

Surely Ghandiji and Emerson have struck recognisable chords? In the UK, what was the fight of the 19th c. fledgling Labour Party and radical Liberals (and the Fabian Society) but to remove gross injustices in this country? Have we forgotten all that? We should - if we are to call ourselves a civilization - also carry the fight to all those in need of support and succour, wherever they may be.

...until we realise that a decent world can't be built on a hierarchy of neo-liberal exploitation, and that we can't have everything unless someone else has nothing... Deborah Orr - lead article in The Independent, 16 Aug, 2005
Yes, we may help a little in trying to transform our political system and by cutting 'Third World' debt. Every little helps. But to 'see the light' and cause major transformation does require individual effort, perhaps aided by some personal experience (such as loss of a loved one). In a world where time is rapidly running out, the hungry, the dying, the oppressed - they are all crying out for love and understanding. Do we hear? Do we reduce our food intake and material consumption?

"The biggest questions we face...are ultimately connected to moral and spiritual choices..." - Jim Wallis, author of 'God's Politics: Why the Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get it', and editor of 'Sojourners'.

Despite the enormous number of injustices that exist (and have increased), there are wonderful efforts taking place 'out there'. Organisations such as the Red Cross, Oxfam (UK), Voluntary Service Overseas (UK) and the Peace Corps (USA) have worked their wonders for years, and the number of comparable organisations have grown enormously.

But - just possibly - life also needs me...and you...and you...and you...

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The Unity in Diversity series

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The world is in a deep crisis that can, in this day and age of advanced weapons, suicidal martyrdom and mass media, only be resolved by peoples everywhere voluntarily seeking improvement in themselves and in understanding others. This page (and its links) is intended to help support and develop such understanding.

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