Religion without Philosophy is superstition; Philosophy without Religion is atheism. Ralph W. Emerson.

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Unity in Diversity Series
Unity in Diversity Series
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Humanity’s Team

- was initially conceived by Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the Conversations with God (CwG) series of books.

The stated mission of Humanity’s Team is to renew and restore our connection with God and with each other, by freeing humanity from the oppression of its beliefs about God, about life, and about each other in order to create a different world. Further:

"The reason we are facing a crisis on our planet is that the world is seeking to address its problems at every level except at which the problem exists. The problem facing the world today is not a political problem or an economic problem or a military problem. It is a spiritual problem.

"Therefore we can not seek to fix our problems at the level of behaviour, because that will only bring about a short-term solution at best. We must seek to understand and enlarge our belief systems. It is only at the level of belief that we can seek to alter our behaviours on a permanent basis and have any hope of resolving our spiritual problems."

Quoting from one of the CwG books, "The New Revelations", Chapter 16 (final pages):

I have to ask again, what can one person do?

Further Tenets of Humanity's Team (& CwG):

The Unity in Diversity series

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