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This page is devoted to a few trips I have made over the years, categorised into sub-headings. Though the temptation has been there to include many more, the places described are very special to me. I hope these descriptions are of interest to you.
A summary of what I regard as the more interesting travels I have experienced. Please click here.
The thought of a trip (or pilgrimage) to a Christian edifice may bring to mind Canterbury Cathedral (England), or Lourdes (France) or even the Vatican. However, though I have been to most of the big-name sites, I have selected three places that I've thought to be very special, whilst not altogether of the "big-name" variety. Click here for these descriptions.
Malaysia itself is as cosmopolitan as you can get, with Malays and Chinese being the major ethnic groups, together with a large number of peoples originally from the Indian sub-continent. And then there are also the Orang Asli ("Original People"). Religions include all the major faiths in grand abundance, side-by-side with one another, although Islam is the state religion.

The Malaysian state of Malacca, however, has probably the richest history of all Malaysia's nine states, and in Malacca was the foundation of the country that now exists. Malacca has Hindu origins, and was subsequently settled by the Portugese, followed by the Dutch, and, most recently (extending to all what became Malaya), the British, with the Second World War period of 1942 to 1945 being under the occupation of the Japanese (the tracks of the railway in Malacca were torn up by the Japanese and used in the construction of the infamous Burma railway). It is predominantly in Malacca that evidence of all the former occupying nations (except Japan) can be found, added to by the strong Chinese presence since the earliest days of the state's development. A fascinating place, where modern motorways run side-by-side with the old road system that skirts through old tribal villages, and where cows still wander the roads. Also where descendants of the Portugese still live and speak the old dialect of Portugese. Click here for more information.