Three Christian Shrines

Glastonbury Abbey (Somerset)

Purged as a result of edicts proclaimed by Henry VIII in the 1530s, the Abbey is but a shell of its former glory. But it is here that it is said that Joseph of Arimathea came in the earliest days (before Christianity even had a name) and planted a thornbush. He is also said to have established the earliest church in England on this site. Click here for more information.

St. Albans (Hertfordshire, just north of London)

Alban lived some time during the 3rd century in the Roman city of Verulanium, which is now St. Albans. It is said that Alban was put on trial (by the Romans) for the deception of hiding a Christian priest from the Romans, in the ampitheatre - the ruins of which still remain. Alban was executed and later sanctifed. His relics are said to be contained in a shrine to St. Alban that lies at the rear of the cathedral in his name. Click here for more information.

S. Maria degli Angeli (near Assissi, Italy)

Here may be found the Shrine of the Porziuncola, the Portiuncula Chapel that was renovated and used by the famed St. Francis of Assissi in the early 13th c. And nearby the garden of roses without thorns. The Chapel itself is actually housed in the Basilica of the town, and you are greeted with a magnificent surprise on entering the Basilica to see this ancient Chapel. Click here for more information.