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Since 2003, there have been
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Birmingham History

Club founded: 1874 (probably in October)
by 15 members of the Aston Villa Wesleyan Chapel.
This month, Aston Villa FC is

Why the name 'Aston Villa' and colours claret & blue?
For the answers, click here.


Aston Villa was once the kind of force that we today associate with a club like Manchester United.
The 'Pride of the Midlands', Aston Villa has rarely dropped out of the top-flight in over 125 years.

The Villa is one of only three clubs to be founder-members of both the Football League (1888-89) and the Premiership (1992-93). Both times Villa were league runners-up; a unique record.
League football itself was originated by a former Villa chairman, William McGregor, in 1888.



Extraordinary sequences

1a. Villa formed 1874, 1876 was when
George Ramsay arrived.

1b. Villa's second "three score and 10 years" began in 1944. 1946 was when peacetime league
football re-started.

1c. Villa's third "three score and 10 years" began in 2014. 2016 was when Dr. Xia arrived.
2a. Villa won the FA Cup for the first time in 1887, 13 years after their formation.

2b. Villa won the FA Cup in 1957, 13 years after the start of the second "three score and 10 years".
3a. Villa were first relegated in 1936. (8 years before end of that 70 years period).

3b. Doug Ellis handed over to Randy Lerner in 2006 (8 years before end of that 70 years period).

Website owner John Lerwill is a former official Club Historian at Villa Park. He personally researched the club's entire history at the British Library, the Birmingham Library and AVFC's own archives. That original research forms the basis
of this site and John's publications.

Commentary on the Current Season
The Randy Lerner Affect (a log of events)
John's Talks



For more than 20 years before 1915 the club dominated world football after the club's former chairman, William McGregor, had created the world's first football league (1888).

In 1981, the club had still won more domestic honours than any other English club. In 1982, the club won the European Cup and throughout the 1990s was a leading club in the top-flight of English football. Relegation in 2016 caused me to write this letter to the Chairman. A positive reply was received.

Years when Villa were relegated from the top tier:
1936, 1959, 1967, 1987, 2016.

Important stepping stones in national
and international competition:
First entered the FA Cup in 1879;
first Midland winners of the Cup (in 1887)
Founder member of the Football League in 1888
(and runner-up in first season)
'Double’ winners of the League and FA Cup in 1897
(the last club to do so until 1961)
Founder member of the Football League Cup in 1960
(and first winners in 1961)
First entered European competition in 1975
(the UEFA Cup); European Cup winners in 1982
Founder member of the Premier League in 1992
(and runner-up in first season)