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In the pipeline ...


All About Billesley, Yardley Wood and Surrounds
A people's story of the conversion of a countryside into housing estates. Expected publication: Summer/Autumn, 2018.
More publications on Birmingham and Aston Villa to follow.
Planned for 2017/19. Please come back to check on details.
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Aston Villa books published ...


Aston Villa In A Nutshell
All the main facts in 86 pages!
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Aston Villa - The First Superclub
The history of Aston Villa, 1874-2012
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The Inspirational William McGregor (co-production with Peter Lupson) The story of the Football League's founder. Click here for details

The Aston Villa Chronicles (1874-1924 and after)
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Other publications ...


The Greatest Goal!
A book of inspiration and renewal - not about football!
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A Waterloo Soldier The 40th Foot, 1808-1823
My ancestor faught in the Napoleonic Wars and at Waterloo as a member of the 40th Foot, said to be the best infantry regiment in the British army at the time. I have produced a PDF extract of the official history of the 40th Foot covering the period 1808 to 1823. To see the preliminary pages to this 64-page document, please click here. If you would like a copy of the entire extract for the price of only £3 please simply pay via PayPal by this button:
PayPal will notify me and I will send the PDF to your stated e-mail address.


Free e-books Click here for details

The History of the Birmingham Lerwills (published 2012).